Pure, class defining

Matthews strives to produce wines that show the incredible diversity of Washington State. From our classic Cabernet Sauvignon driven reds, to our revered Sauvignon Blanc.

Columbia Valley Claret

The Claret is the flagship red blend for Matthews. The Claret is traditionally focused more on elegance than on structure, like our Tenor wines. The Claret has always been a tremendous value for our customers. Showing clean ripe fruit and a much more modest oak program, the Matthews Claret leads a segment of value-driven every day wines.


Columbia Valley Syrah

In 2006, Matthews made a sharp change to their Syrah program. Our idea of what Syrah was in Washington state changed, and we began to attempt producing a Syrah more condusive to Washington State. We wanted to showcase a wine with hints of smoke followed by rich fruit, bits of game and smoked meat. We have the ability in Washington to get the dark game and smoke aromatics that are more common to cooler climate syrah, with the the texture and depth that rich fruit can bring. Our 2006 Syrah showed a move toward that direction, athough the next few vintages show continued evolution toward our original goal.  Our current vintage, the 2008, has received a score of 91 points from Harvey Steinman of Wine Spectator Magazine.


Blackboard Red Wine

Blackboard Red Wine

The Blackboard label is reminiscent of the school blackboards with white chalk writing. A portion of the Blackboard wine proceeds will be used to support local, nation and international educational charities. 

Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is without a doubt the most complete of all the Bordeaux varietals. Because it easily accommodates an individual winemaker's preferences, it can be vinted in so many diverse styles. Washington Cabernet is known for having plenty of acidity and structure but not a great amount of opulence, the occasional very warm, drawn out vintage notwithstanding. The Matthews 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon showcases the natural texture of the fruit, while still allowing some of that great Washington balance and structure to shine through. But only as an encore, not the main event.

Columbia Valley Red Wine

Every winery has a flagship wine, and at Matthews this is it. Made almost always of the five traditional Bordeaux varietals, the Red Wine has consistently been the insiders standard for Cabernet Sauvignon based blends in Washington. The goal has always been to produce the best possible wine in every vintage, believing that the blend will always create the most complete wine. There have been vintages in which the Red Wine didn't exist- only because those vintages did not meet our rigorous standards.

Stillwater Creek Sauvignon Blanc

2010 Stillwater Creek Sauvignon Blanc

It’s been a few years since this wine has been made, and if you were a fan of the full throttle nature of those previous vintages, you won’t be disappointed. This vintage gave us spectacular growing conditions for white wine, with a cool spring and a little heat in May, we were off to a fast start. The summer was mild and the heat never came giving us wines with amazing intensity. Tropical fruits mixed with grapefruit and gooseberry, thrown on top of warm yellow fruits such as peaches and nectarines; a combination you can’t resist. If you are a classic, understated white wine drinker, this wine is not for you; this is for those that demand massive waves of fruit and a palate to match. If this is you, then order your case and get ready for some fun.

Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc

This wine was inspired from the wines of the Loire. We have always admired the completeness of the Sancerre wines. The ability to create a white wine that showed more than just acidity to cut through spicy foods on a hot summer day. We liked the fact that Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre had that little bit extra. A wine that you could sit and deconstruct, or sit on your patio and enjoy. We aimed to produce a wine for the connoisseur and the consumer alike. The Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc is certainly a wine to be taken seriously. We often hear people mention they don't like Sauvignon Blanc but they certainly like this.

Colmbia Valley Chardonnay

In any new wine program, initial inspiration often defines some of the stylistic goals. For the 2009 Matthews Chardonnay, we elected to make a wine in a Burgundian fashion. Going forward, the wines produced by the Matthews Chardonnay program will gain aromatic complexity and depth over time, even as they exhibit delicate texture on the palate.

Blackboard White Wine

Blackboard Sauvignon Blanc

The Blackboard label is reminiscent of the school blackboards with white chalk writing. A portion of the Blackboard wine proceeds will be used to support local, nation and international educational charities. 

Columbia Valley Reserve

Much like diners “reserve” a table at a fine dining destination to celebrate special occasions, the Matthews “Reserve” is designated for special occasions. Only the best barrels each vintage are selected to make the Reserve, a Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend that promises to age gracefully. Much like a reserved individual, our flagship Reserve veils its innermost thoughts and character until its ready to unlock the pleasures and the purity of the vintage and the craftsmanship of precise blending. Our winemaker chooses only the finest lots from hundreds of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc barrels to produce a unique wine expressive of its origins.